A Woman’s Place: A Review of Wonder Woman (2017)

I’m incredibly blessed to live in a city that ardently supports women, feminism and humanity. The roar of support that erupted from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on premiere night in San Francisco was, for lack of a better word, wonderful.


From a cinematic standpoint, I’m relieved to finally see a successful film emerge from the DC Universe – and triumphant that it came at the hands of a female hero, lead and director. I’ve never been a fan of female derivatives (e.g. heroine: hero, even the term “girl boss”), so I’m overjoyed to see Diana Prince fit seamlessly, with little justification, into today’s superhero genre on screen.

Yes, it’s yet another origin story. (Think Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger.) But it’s a refreshing 2 hours and 21 minutes of purposeful action and meaningful dialogue that ushers Wonder Woman forward towards her role in Justice League – and a great redemption from her lackluster cameo in Batman v. Superman.

Note: My favorite part of the movie was Themyscira. Admittedly, I was never drawn to Wonder Woman’s anthology, and my first impression of an island full of beautiful women seemed like the makings of a 12 year-old boy’s shallow dreams. But Patty Jenkins truly created a community of strong, supportive and fearless warriors, protective of their own but compassionate to the world around them.


As an American citizen, I cheered alongside my fellow patrons as Diana gloriously rose from the trenches and lit up the battlefield in war torn Germany. We live in a climate where progressive thinking is being bullied back by political objectives that are hopelessly out of our control. More than ever, we need a hero like Diana Prince to fight “for those who cannot fight themselves”.

The film’s central quote from Steve Trevor, which is repeated at the end by Diana, is “to believe”. Simple enough, right? As much we want to believe it, belief doesn’t manifest in itself – but rather, from the inspiration of others. Wonder Woman is a symbol of courage, curiosity and kindness – three things we so badly need our world to believe in.


— Auburn Santo, Wonder Woman’s Newest Fan


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