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I want that good good love,
That real dope shit type love,
That love that hangs on you like chains up on your chest —

Yet, it never feels heavy.

Rather, I feel safe.
I feel guarded.
I feel like I could take on the whole world like some Superman without a plan and no reason to ever feel the need to touch the ground again,

I feel,

I feel,

And strength is a principle that first and foremost comes from within,
But is solidified
By the, ability to share your weakness with another,

Be vulnerable,
Be kind.

The kind of love that reads your mind,
Sees into your soul,
That pays no mind to any other damn thing because damnit you’re the best thing I have ever f**king had.

I want to bring you flowers.
I want to bring you joy.
I want to bring you a thousand years of happiness because our life together is but a drop in a bucket, and you know (just saying), that’s just not enough.

This world,
I take, everything, in stride.
I walk these streets with my sole to the ground – waiting, praying,

That someday,

You, will come along.